Lithium Niobate Q-Switch Elements

Product Description

Deltronic Crystal’s Lithium Niobate, with its combination of excellent optical transmission and high electro-optic coefficient, is an ideal choice for Pockels Cell Q-Switching. Crystals are grown, oriented and cut to provide z-axis optical propagation. Q-Switch elements are polished, electroded and anti-reflection coated, ready for laser cavity installation. Sizes and shapes can be tailored to meet custom device requirements.


  • Range Finders
  • Target Designation
  • YAG Q-Switched Lasers


  • Low Wavefront Distortion
  • High Extinction Ratio
  • Low Transmission Loss
  • Super-Polished Optical Faces
  • Precise Crystal Orientation
  • Low Reflectance AR Coatings
  • High Damage Threshold


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Length (Z-Axis) ±0.5mm or specify
Cross-Section: X-Axis / Y-Axis ±0.1mm / ±0.1mm
Chamfer, all edges 0.4mm at 45° or specify
Optical faces, normal to Z-Axis Within 10 arc minutes or specify
Lateral faces, normal to X & Y Axis Within 10 arc minutes
Typical Laser Damage Threshold ≥ 300MW/cm2 at 1064nm
Optical Face  
Polish 10-5 scratch-dig
Flatness λ/10 at 633nm
Parallel within 10 arc seconds
Anti-reflection coatings Reflectance ≤ 0.2%
Surface Finish, lateral faces Fineground
Electrodes Au/Cr on X-faces
Extinction Ratio at 1064nm (passive) ≥ 26 dB
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion λ/8 or better