780nm and 800nm

Product Description

The I-780-LM and I-800-LM miniature designs provide flexibility, convenience and performance for low power lasers. I-780-LM covers 770 through 790nm and the I-800-LM is used for the 790 through 810nm wavelength range. This design incorporates a Faraday rotator made of LPE film. 

All our units are marked for polarization orientation on the input side.

This model is reccomended for low power applications only, due to absoption of the Faraday rotator material. Metal-bonded or hermetic construction options are availalbe for OEM requirements. Standard wavelength of optimization is 780nm and 800nm for the I-780-LM and I-800-LM respectively. When placing an order please specify preferred wavelength of optimization.



  • Semiconductor Laser Modules
  • Tunable Laser Modules
  • Small Form Factor Laser Modules



  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • Micro-Miniature Size
  • Broad Bandwidth
  • Wide temperature range
  • Polaziation alignment


PDF of this product overview

  I-780-LM I-800-LM
Wavelength (specify center wavelength) 770nm - 790nm 790nm - 810nm
Peak Isolation (typical) ≥ 38dB
Isolation Over Wavelength (minimum) ≥ 23dB
Insertion Loss (typical) ≤ 3.5dB
Insertion Loss (maximum) ≤ 4.0dB
Diameter (nominal) 4.0mm
0° tilt ≤ 2.5mm
4° tilt ≤ 2.85mm
Clear Aperature 1.4mm
Operating Temperature (non-condensing) -20° to +70°C
Storage Temperature (non-condensing) -40° to +85°C
Polarization of Input Indicated
Polarization of Output 45° (nominal) to input