• ISOWAVE's vertically integrated parent company, Deltronic Crystal Industries received the 2001 Laser Focus World Commercial Technology Achievement Award for Magnesium-doped Stoichiometric Lithium Niobate (Mg: SLN) Crystal. This crystal won the award in the Optics/Optical Materials category.
  • Deltronic Crystal Industries and Gemfire Corporation were honored with an award from Lasers & Optronics for Short Period PPLN crystals in June of 1999.
  • Deltronic Crystal Industries, in partnership with Gemfire Corporation, was awarded a Commercial Technology Achievement Award in January 1998, from Laser Focus World for bringing to market quasi-phase-matched structures based on high quality Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN).
  • In April 1993, Deltronic/ISOWAVE division received the Prestigious Vendor of the Year Award from Nortel Limited for consistent on-time delivery and exceptional customer service.